Sustainably sourced from the Great Barrier Reef.

Ultra Coral Australia is your number one choice for premium Australian corals.

With decades of experience in coral husbandry and a true passion for what we do, UCA offers a supply chain solution for coral retailers and wholesalers worldwide. Our team is proud to deliver a seamless diver to doorstep experience of stunning Australian LPS and SPS corals spanning far and wide across the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. If you can’t wait to see what’s hot then go straight to our store ???? Or just surf on to see behind-the-scenes of our world class operation.

Where is Ultra Coral Australia?

We work in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - a World Heritage Area - and operate in a regulated fishery with sustainability as a key objective. Beyond our legal obligations as a business we have our own code of conduct to ensure the future of our business and the supply of wonderful premium Australian corals.

A window to the Great Barrier Reef.

Many people are unaware of the extraordinary range of environments of coral habitats offered by the Great Barrier Reef!

Where do your favourite corals come from?

Scolys, Trachys, Torch, Chalice and Strawberry Shortcake all have distinctive habitat preferences. The Great Barrier Reef offers a broad environmental gradient from coast to outer barrier.

Explore the hotspots below to see where your favourite corals actually live.


Duncanopsammia axifuga





Trachyphylla geoffroyi



Explore the hotspots above to see where your favourite corals actually live.

Our World-class Land Facility

Our facility houses one of the largest selections of coral varieties in Australia in a pristine and carefully controlled environment to best mimic nature and adapt to enclosed systems. Our coral holding systems hold a total volume in excess of 120,000 litres.

The Ultra Coral difference.

Our corals are carefully selected for unique colouration and are then tank hardened in our custom-designed facility in Mackay, Queensland, Australia. All of our corals are perfectly treated and manicured before being released for export ensuring our quality is second to none!

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