Symphyllia agaricia

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Common Name: Open brain coral
Cultivation Type:
Product Source: AU
Product Origin: Great Barrier Reef
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Symphyllia (popularly known as Closed Brain Coral or Dented Brain Coral), form flat or dome-shaped colonies with wide valleys that meander in curves and twists throughout the coral.

They usually have creamy or pastel hues of greens, reds, creams, and muted browns with the valleys often having contrasting colors.? Its captivating coloration, combined with its unique, maze-like skeletal structure reminiscent of a brain, makes it a standout addition to any reef aquarium.

They are often confused with Lobophyllia corals but are distinguished by the skeletal structure. Symphyllia has corallite walls that are joined or fused together, rather than having the separate corallite walls found on Lobophyllia species.

Basic Water Parameters
8.0 to 8.3


8.0 to 8.3

34 - 36ppm


34 - 36ppt

24.0 - 26.0 Celsius


24.0 - 26.0 Celsius

Husbandry Requirements
8.0 to 8.3


110-175 PAR

34 - 36ppm


Passive circulation - Some turbulence required

24.0 - 26.0 Celsius


Limited ability to damage other corals.

Acclimation Guide

  • It is highly recommended to acclimate all corals to a new environment to prevent shocking corals.
  • Place the corals in the water from the packing bags and slowly add the water from new environment (Dripping method is recommended).
  • Use the water parameter above as a guide.
  • When the vessel becomes full , replace the water with the new environment water by a small amount at a time.
  • Ensure the water temperature matches with the new environment’s water.
  • After the corals have spent adequate time in the acclimation water, gently place the corals to a new environment.
  • It is recommended to place new corals under lower light intensity than usually required. Once corals show no signs of stress, it can be moved to higher lighting area gradually.”